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Salwar Kameez


Bridal Salwar Kameez

There is no doubt that there is no match for traditional richness of wedding occasion in a country like India when compared with the whole world. And there is no choice of bridal salwar kameez like Indian Market, if we compare with the whole world.

There are a number of bridal salwar kameez stuff that can be found in the Indian market from A-Z quality, A-Z Prize range and A-Z variety. It would not be true that bridal salwar kameez are very expensive and always of high quality range. In India every range of bridal salwar kameez is available.

A few phrases in respect of bridal salwar kameez material that are very famous in India:

  1. Pure Silk
  2. Raw Silk
  3. Poly Silk
  4. Crape Silk
  5. Pashmina

These are the basic form of cloth then the market names are different like South silk form South India, Banarasi silk from Banaras etc. The cost, quality, variety and availability of bridal salwar kameez depends on the following factors:

  1. Community
  2. Seasons
  3. Demand & Supply
  4. Additional Work

The factors cost, quality and variety are directly proportional to the community who are target buyers. Like in Bollywood there is no limitation of high prize range. They are willing to pay high cost if they get quality product and choice is from huge variety.

Islamic Clothing

Islamic Clothing

The Salwar Kameez is very popular not only in India but also in Pakistan as Islamic Salwar Kameez as a national dress of Islam(religion) or Pakistani people (both men and women). In this country "Salwar" is known as shalwar.

A long shirt or a tunic is called Kameez. Latin camisia "shirt", tunic", inherited this word Kameez. The Kameez is normally straight and cut flat. Islamic or Pakistani Kameez is normally very loose and has decoration on neck and sleeves. Islamic or Pakistani Kameez as compared to Indian Kameez is different. It has wide chest, parallel wide waist and wide or loose circumference bottom. Length of Islamic or Pakistani Kameez is normally below knee and loose from sleeves. The back neckline is normally very high to hide the back of body due to some religious purposes.

Salwar is normally loose pyjama-like trousers. The upper portion of the salwar is wide spread. The bottom portion of salwar is narrow. Salwar has wide spread waistband known as belt with gathered pleates. Gathered pleates gives more space and extra comfort and good for winter season. Islamic or Pakistani salwar is normaly loose salwar at hip area like a baggy pant. Waistband has tunnel for drawstring to hold the salwar at waist. Sometimes, Islamic or Pakistani Salwar has 1" cuts from inside of the salwar to wear with shoes. The modification in the Islamic or Pakistani Salwar is known as Churidar by cutting the excess area all around the salwar.

The kameez is a long shirt or tunic. The word is derived from the Latin camisia "shirt, tunic ", from which it probably made its way into various European languages (see chemise) and also into Arabic, the likely immediate source for kameez. The kameez is usually cut straight and flat; older kameez use traditional cuts, modern kameez are more likely to have European-inspired set-in sleeves. The tailor's taste and skill are usually displayed not in the overall cut, but in the shape of the neckline and embellishment of the kameez.

Islamic women usually wear a long scraf or dupatta with the salwar kameez. Dupatta or scarf is known as Chunni also. For Muslim ladies community, the dupatta is a stringent alternative to the burka. For Indian ladies, especially from North India, love to wear Salwar Kameez with dupatta. Hindu ladies cover their heads with dupatta in the presence of elders or visiting the holy places. Dupatta is an accessory for Salwar Kameez and looks great with Salwar Kameez.

Cheap Salwar Kameez

A phrase may have a different meaning when used in a sentence like the meaning of cheap may be in respect of money or prize of salwar kameez, over all quality of salwar kameez, cheap in looking after wearing, or cheap fabric. The meaning of this word “cheap” is used for reasonable and worth price & quality of the fabric. When “cheap” comes with best, the scenario changes.

Cheap salwar kameez means less in prize not in quality or cheap in looking. Or say the worth prize salwar kameez.

These days there are many Indian online stores who are selling cheap salwar kameez means salwar kameez at reasonable prize. Cheap salwar kameez depends on the following factors:

  1. Fabric
  2. Design
  3. Work done

The cheap factor is directly proportional to the Fabric used to make salwar kameez, design of salwar kameez and work done on the salwar kameez. Mainly the fabric cost as per quality is a big component to define its cost. Like a high range salwar kameez may be on little less prize so the salwar kameez may be called cheap when compared with material used.

Similarly design may be beautiful and material of high range but prize may be little less when compared with the normal prize of salwar kameez of the same fabric.

Other factor is work done on the fabric. The fabric may be of high range, design, curve and cuts are good but the quality of work done on it may not be good. Simply the work quality is cheap. If Cheap is with best workmanship then it means complete with cheap and best salwar kameez. It shows that salwar kameez is good in all respect of quality, price, design and comfort.

Salwar Kameez Online

Online shopping started a new trend of sale of Kameez, Sale of Salwar and the combinations of Salwar, Kameez with Dupatta.

Traditional Kameez which is a combination counter part of Salwar has some specific identity like it is long upto knee or more than knee length. Kameez has different neck style cuts. A few of them are listed here:

  • Round Neck: it is semi circle at the front and crescent or round shape at the back depending upon the measurements.
  • U Neck : The neck looks like alphabet "U" from the front and back as per given design.
  • V Neck : The neck looks like alphabet "V" from the front and back as per given design.
  • Pointed U Neck : The front is like alphabet "U" with small pointrd "v" in front of "U" neck.
  • Split Round Neck : The neck is round with front opening around 2".
  • Boat Neck : The neck design is just like boat with low depth from front, back around 4" to 5" and wide broad from shoulders like 9" to 10".
  • Square Neck : The front neck is just like mathematical square and back depending upon given design.
  • Mandarian Collar : The front is open with high collars.

Latest style of Kameez does not have a specific definition. It may have length upto waist and it may have abnormal, frilled, triangle, bricks, round, pointed cuts with ribbon, with threads, with decorated material like small metal belts, Silver belts, buckles, brass buttons etc.

Onlie Salwar is an option to buy salwar through Internet. Salwar style varies from traditional salwar to short stylish salwar / pants.

Online selling Salwar is a bottom part of the Kameez Salwar. Traditionally it is wide from top. It has 4-5" inches belt attached to rest part of the salwar which is pleated. Upper part of the Belt has tunnel for drawstring. Normally the traditional salwar size from top at waist area is almost double than the actual waist size so that it is comfortable to wear. Salwar has big room at the thigh area for comfort. Salwar has almost double bottom size as the circumference of the ankle, so it has proper space to put feet in it to wear it.

The modification in the traditional salwar as part of the kameez salwar became famous as traditional Churidar Salwar. It is sleek in look and has leg shape fitting with less amount of thigh and upper space as compared to Indian traditional salwar. At bottom it has small hole with hooks or thread to close the bottom at the ankle.

Further modifications resulted as Patiala Salwar as the bottom part of Kameez Salwar. Patiala Salwar kameez has similarity with Indian traditional kameez salwar except that patiala salwar has more pleates and big fall comes on wearing at back.

Further modifications became popular as Parallel and Bootcut Salwar as the bottom part of the Kameez Salwar. These have the shape of pants with thin belt, elastic and chain etc with different shapes.

Indian Salwar Kameez

India is a country that believes in the traditional clothes. Women community from North India loves to wear traditional Indian Kameez Salwar. Traditional Indian Kameez Salwar has specific design. Kameez is normally found long upto knee, lengthy sleeves, medium neck and low back depth. Salwar is normally wide from top with pleates and with drawstring. Salwar has big room at thigh and calf area for easy wearing. It has big bottom area for ease. Further the style and shapes of Indian kameez salwar varies as

  • Short Kameez length with short sleeves
  • Short Kameez with sleeveless
  • Different neck styles
  • Different back designs and back depth

In totality, Indian kameez salwar is very comfortable to wear and is loved by North Indian community very much. Now salwar kameez is well known dress in all over the world.

Indian Salwar Kameez

From time to time new names and styles were introduced in the Indian kameez salwar market. Traditional Churidar Salwar Kameez name is very popular and famous amongst the Indian community. Traditional churidar salwar is the bottom part as the other option of the traditional salwar keeping different style. It is sleek in look and has leg shape fitting with less amount of thigh and upper space as compared to Indian traditional salwar. At bottom it has small hole with hooks or thread to close the bottom at the ankle. Indian traditional churidar is longer than traditional salwar for spiral shape look at the bottom. Again churidar has different designs as per the market trend and requirements.

Other name is popular as traditional Patiala Salwar kameez. Patiala Salwar kameez is similar to Indian traditional kameez salwar except that patiala salwar has more pleates and big fall comes on wearing at back. Kameez is same as it is for Indian traditional salwar. Patiala has big room at top with too many pleates for comfortness and different look. Patiala salwar comes with drawstring same as that in a traditional salwar

Latest the name of parallel salwar kameez is very popular amongst the teenagers not only in India but in the whole world. Parallel Salwar Kameez is an important part of Indian Kameez Salwar. Parallel is like pant with narrow front belt , back elastic and side chain or full elastic depending upon clients requirements. Parallel Salwar kameez has wide room at upper and wide bottom like pant. Kameez Salwar parallel is also comfortable to wear like Indian kameez salwar.

Boot cut is also popular kameez salwar style amongsts the people. Bootcut salwar has shape, it is like parallel pant but at knee portion it has tight fitting from knee to bottom as compared to Indian salwar and parallel pant. Kameez with boot cut can also be made that has the wide shape from waist area and upper part is similar to the traditional kameez.

Basically traditional kameez salwar , churidar salwar kameez , Parallel salwar kameez, Patiala salwar Kameez and bootcut salwar kameez are popular as Indian Kameez salwar.

This is an era of latest trends and settings with styles added to old traditional Kameez and Salwars. Kameez styles, shapes and cuts are all changed in latest Kameez and in latest Salwars. Traditional Salwar Kameez has its own bench mark but latest Kameez and latest Salwars brings new benchmarks every day.

Few latest kameez have no specific name still the teenagers community can be seen in those types of latest kameez. Few popular Kameez styles are diagonal cut, chest cut, short cut, sleek look, body look, dress type kameez etc.

Diagonal Cut : kameez is same as traditional kameez except that it has diagonal cut at bottom and diagonal cut in front of sleeves.

Chest cut : kameez is same as traditional kameez upto chest and neck comes from back.

Short Cut : Kameez has length upto waist and the body area in between waist and pant is visible.

Sleek Look : Kameez has V shape look wide from top and narrow at bottom with little tight fitting.

Body Look : Kameez is made of stretchable cloth or net with the shape of body curve and full fitting on the body.

Dress Type Kameez : Long Kameez upto chest with Salwar and Chunni.

Latest salwar types can be seen in the market these days. Few latest styles are popular like Bootcut, Parallel, Patiala etc. Now the enhancement of these are also available in the bollywood market.

Bootcuts are with huge bottom and with multi color patches stitched one by one. Latest Bootcut from top upto knee comes straight that takes shape like flat umberalla with number of colorful stitched patches. Other style that come have cuts upto knee.

Parallel is stiched with unform 80% fabric of one type that has matching other fabric and is stiched with internal cut increasing bottom area that looks graceful.

Paliala has changed in bear legs style and Dhoti style (Dhoti is normally worn in Uttar Pradesh part of India.) Patiala is now a tight huge pleated churidar and the latter is pleated loose made dhoti style.

There are many latest Kameez Salwars available in the market modified from traditional Salwar Kameez.

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